Glitter and Twisted is a London based accessory brand with a love for eclectic design with vintage & modern style.

Launched in 2004 and swiftly taken up by some of London’s leading independent boutiques such as: Labour of Love, Supra, & American Retro, the brand was quickly adopted by celebrity trend setters Jade Jagger, Beth Orton & Christina Richie.
The label created by Mandi Martin (Pink Soda, Hysteric Glamour, Wendy Dagworthy) was born out of a desire to bring a little irreverence back into the world of accessories. Mandi’s commercial design experience spans over 20 years, Design Director and trend Consultant for the high street; her cutting edge creativity & sense of humor provides the perfect basis for an exciting collection!

“I love accessories, but always felt that the majority on the market were either too serious and high-end or too frivolous and low-end. I wanted to create something for those who took their style seriously but liked to have fun at the same time. Something that has wit and quality”
For this season, Glitter & Twisted have produced a focused collection of Perspex brooches featuring new styles: Vintage Feathers in fashion shades, Swooping Swallows, Lace Collars & Cuffs, Autumn Leaves & Crazy Horses alongside new colour variations of their signature pieces: Fiery Skull & Crossbones, Candy Coloured Butterflies & Bows, Ruby Red Cherries and Pop Guns! The new designs, necklaces and frivolous earrings expand the ever-growing collection!
You’re not dressed ‘til you’ve been Glittered & Twisted!!!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know anything else about us or our collection, we are happy to help! Look forward to hearing from you!